A collection of animated logos and openers, mostly for KAN - Israeli Public Broadcast
"Mavet Klini" - Clinical Death
Documentary series about people who experienced clinical death

"Hitmodedut" - Struggle
Documentary series about disabled people struggling with everyday life

"Sakranim" - Curious
Series covering most random facts

"On the road to World Cup"
Series about Israelis and Jews living in Russia

Series about esoteric hassidic jobs

Oum Kalthoum
Opener for a video about legendary artist

Opener for a series about extreme sports

Live shows from the renown israeli radio station

Makshivim - Listening
Series about regular people problems

"Melech Mitgayes" - Melech is going to the army

"When we were big"
Series about people who were famous during the 80's

Logo animation for B&G Guitars
*logo design by Asaf Mendelovich
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